Custom Computers

Why Buy a Custom Built Computer?  

From the Basic User to the Extreme Gamer, we can build you a top quality custom built PC for a great price.
There are plenty of reasons to buy a custom built computer:
Better parts. We use only quality parts backed by manufacturer’s warranties. Because we don’t mass produce, we don’t sit on out-dated technology. 
Upgradeable. A more upgradeable system for your  future needs means you get more from your PC for years to come.
Better performance. Our custom built PC’s are delivered fully optimized and configured for superior performance.
Longer lasting components. We use bigger, better PC cases designed to keep all your components cool. We use extra fans and pro-wire all components for a cleaner, more reliable PC. Better air flow means cooler, faster, and longer lasting components.
No prebundled trial software.  We wont load your new computer with trial programs and offers you will find on a “store bought” PC.  Why ruin a good thing?
Built specifically for you. We will build your computer for your exact needs. If you are not sure, we will be glad to help you decide on what would be best for you.
Locally Honored Warranty. We offer a 1 year warranty on all custom built computers. Because we build them, no need to send away for any warranty work. We are right here in Medford!
We have Custom Built Computers Systems in stock now!
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